Starting a Candy Buffet Business

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Market research is the first place you should begin when venturing into any business. A candy buffet business is no different. The internet can provide a lot of information in helping you to determine many factors regarding your candy buffet business. It can assist you in determining if there is a demand for candy stations in your service area, in finding who your potential competitors are, in learning your start-up costs and in locating many other business resources. Once you determine the market need you should prepare a business plan for your candy buffet business to ascertain start up costs and secure funding. A candy buffet business requires minimal capital outlay to start. While profit margins should not fall below 30% in your second year, they can be as high as 40% with proper pricing for your area and projected demand. Each client can serve as a return investment in helping you to subsidize future clients. However, access to sufficient capital to get you off to a solid start can influence just how fast you earn a profit, and become established and reputable.
Advertising, participating in local trade shows, offering gift prizes in return for exposure, joining local business networking groups, soliciting potential customers at key locations and amassing the necessary quality materials (business cards, signs, brochures, etc.) can be as expensive and as time consuming as you make it.
Realizing the fate of any business lies in how intensely it is promoted is important. It is crucial to recognize the public face of the business- the logo, website, and signage- is the first impression attracting customers to do business. Save skimping or cutting corners for other areas of the business. This is NOT where you clip coupons. The public face of your candy buffet business, as with any business, portrays the underlying quality of the business itself. A clean, memorable logo; a straightforward, easily negotiable website; and simple, attractive signage clearly and succinctly stating what you do are invaluable investments that will pay you back indefinitely.
Legal and local government websites can provide necessary legal documents and basic guidance. Bulk candy sites can offer endless opportunities to obtain stock at the lowest possible prices. Specialty sites can provide inexpensive and efficient signage, forms and web site design. Small business websites can direct you to organizations providing guidance, funding and networking in your area.The internet can allow you to access almost anything cheaply however; keep in mind the areas where you cannot afford to be thrifty.
Consult with friends who own small businesses. Any information can be helpful. Talk about your business to anyone and everyone. Do not discount the value of “word or mouth” promotion. Once you have the necessary permits in place, get ready to do business recognizing that in small business your return is directly reflective of your initial outlay!

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